Where have All the morals gone?

It seems as if many people are not happy unless they are in dysfunction and complaint. I guess it is me that complains now about their complaints. I find my head shaking more and more these days, I guess I should be careful as I may get whiplash! What I believe it really comes down to is that so many people insist upon passing blame about anything that doesn’t go their way onto others. In my classroom, and in life, I practice the principle of “An error is not a mistake unless you refuse to correct it.”. This is where the morals seem to fit in, or lack thereof. Back to kindergarten, and perhaps before, as a child I was taught if you want a friend, be a friend. Then again, if you don’t have something nice to say about someone then don’t say anything at all. These two examples of simple, basic morals seem to be lacking in some people. The focus of those that pass blame to others in regards to anything in their life that doesn’t seem to be in their favor shows they must not have been taught these basics, right? Wrong, because I believe their parents have taught them, and I know the teachers I work with, and I include myself here, teach these “manners” daily. So here I am complaining about the complainers….the selfish. I actually think everyone is selfish at times, and probably there are times one needs to be just in order to keep a balance of their own self identity. If you give too much, then what does one have left of themself? I sure wish I had an answer to “Where have all the morals gone?” I can only guess that families are in survival mode all trying to make enough money to get to the next pay check, pay the next bill, etc… I even thought for a brief moment, looking for the silver lining in life, that the unemployment rate might actually help children in some respects as their parent may be able to be present in the home and actually parent their child. Now I don’t mean to infer that all parents don’t parent because I know a great many that are awesome, giving, guiding parents. On the flip side though, the trouble and trials of the unemployed have actually caused children to become little worried stressballs feeding off their parents that are overwhelmed and frustrated with the lack of work and inability to provide, let alone have some fun!
I am certain I have not enlightened anyone with these thoughts of mine, actually you may have whiplash too! Since I don’t have an answer to the question I pose, then I leave any reader with this…Please, I plead, VOTE! Vote to give our children back their parents, vote for jobs for our unemployed, vote as it is YOUR right and yes it does matter. Please think and look at how quickly our governor, our State legislature, our Federal government pass laws, or puts their own agendas first. Remember how long they take, and actually threaten government shut downs when it is something that is “important” and has a deadline. I think the votes we deem important have lost importance in many of our representatives eyes. The ones making the laws often have no clue of the impact they are making on MOST people, because, in my opinion, they are surrounded with the upper class, and those that these laws would only protect. They perhaps have lost their own moral compass. As a voter give them some directionality because their morals, and values need a telescope at this point since they are so far away from reality!

Why? Why do we care what every celebrity does? What about Garden City?

As I get home from work the tv is on, why since it generally is not being watched is a good question. As I sit for a moment in hopes of “changing hats” from teacher to mom with a deep breath and rest on my mind I hear report after report about the where abouts of one celebrity after another. I even see a report about some celebrity having been spotted at…oOMG, Target! Please really, all I can think is who cares!! I now find myself realizing that that this is such a bigger picture. My students are getting home watching the same things and clinging on the edge of their seats waiting to see what trouble the next celebrity is getting into. The fact is that all a celebrity needs to do is a “normal” task such as shop at Target and everyone seems to need to know what was bought. Why? Who cares? Does it really effect your life? Do you feel more knowledgeable? I only wish we could put such energy and watching into what really effects our lives such as our community news and how we can make a difference by listening to what is going on in the life of a friend, a neighbor, a classmate. The celebrity life may seem all glam, but they can have their money because what do they really have? Friends are they the ones that money has bought? True friends are those that time is spent with going into the world to move life forward and make a difference in the lives of another….time to get muffins made for the bake sale. I don’t have to follow a celebrity to see what they do because it really doesn’t matter here in Garden City, but what does is that I can bake some muffins for our local relay, get on a community blog to share ideas, talk with parents about reading to their kids, listen to a neighbor about their dog who is being stared at by a falcon and know that I can make a difference and so what, who cares? The answer is my neighbor cares, my student’s parents care, those that live in this community are passionate about what happens to one another. Let’s put the energy into our community and pass the Millage vote on May 3 so we can be protected by our police and fire, and we can keep our parks open so our kids have sports to share, rather than some negative trouble from loitering in a closed park with nothing to do.

Why WE Relay For Life with the American Cancer Society

When I met my husband I knew just one of the many things that I liked about him was his interests and how he involved himself in the community. I had only been involved in community events as a mom getting her kids to sports or scouts. As I further reflect I realize I was more involved than I thought, but of course that was because I was, and still am, very involved due to my career in teaching. Now let’s fast forward a few years because my life with my new husband became so full and fufilling as I began to involve myself more and more in his areas of interest. Of course there is the fact that he is president now of the local GCYAA (Garden City Youth Athletic Association), but we became more and more involved as our relationship grew so did our involvement in the community. We found it was a part of us that really fills our heart, mind and soul. We have involved ourselves in Project Graduation for the High School, promoted the HS Sea Camp program, volunteered at the school district’s “Cougar Cares Cafe”,attended and involved ourselves in the HS Football program, of course that’s because we are both so proud of my son Erik and his dedication to the team as captain. However, there is one area of community involvement that we really have dedicated much of our time and effort and that is Garden City’s Relay For Life. Wow, it really pulls you in!

The first time I attended the event I was a team member, riding on Mike’s one year of experience and not knowing what I was getting involved with. There really are so very few words to be able to express the amazing experience I had that first year. I guess the best way to put it is that by the time the next relay season came around I had decided I was on a mission! I thought of my many students and the fact that they are so young and have loss due to cancer of loved ones, and sometimes even pets, to this awful disease. If I, as an adult can’t understand, nor cope with loss from cancer, than I can’t imagine how it must feel to a young person. Many years ago we had a fourth grader that was battling cancer, yes she is a survivor and she too has her own relay team! This experience alone was enough for me to realize that I had to have a relay team at Farmington Elementary. I wanted my students to know that they don’t have to feel helpless, no longer did they need to feel like, “what can I do I’m only eleven!” So Farmington Falcon Footprints was my team last year. Mike and I enjoyed attending events for both his team and my new team. I enjoyed learning more from his experience and tried hard to guide the students through sales of ACS Relay cutouts of footprints, and we even held a talent show at the school. Of course at that point I got the WHOLE family involved. My first year team captain experience was great we nearly doubled our goal and raised nearly $2,000.

Now it’s year two of my being a team captain and I have a co-captain, which is my dear friend Jenny who has had so much unfortunate loss in her life to this ugly disease. Mike and my team have been such an inspiration to me that I am also on the Relay For Life Team Development Committee too. Mike serves as Promotion Chairperson on this committee so it’s again another community activity that we enjoy doing together. At the end of last year’s relay I knew that the experiences that my students had was too awesome to be kept just at Farmington Elementary. I also had learned at the event that one of my previous students had created his own team as an 8th grader at the middle school. I met two teams from our high school too! Now I’m really on a mission and have shared this goal with our school district superintendent. My goal is to have a big tent titled “District For A Cure!”. This year our school reconfiguration took place and so it made sense with our new school name to change our team name. The team is now called “Big Cats For A Cure” and I am so thrilled to share that our size has doubled and so it seems our donation and fundraising sure has reached new sights. So exciting that even Mike said he wants to be a part of my team and his! Oh, and we have four teams total at the High School, one still at the middle school, and new interests at the remaining elementaries and even a possible team at our school board’s central office!

WE relay together so that a difference can be made in making Garden City, “a better place to be.” WE relay together as we learn from one another ways of support for the “uglies” of the world that creep into our lives. There are too many uglies so we must stand together and continue to “Celebrate” the lives of those that are survivors, “Remember” the lives of loved ones lost, and “Fight Back” so that our future can be cancer free. We, Mike and I, relay because not only does it bring us closer to our community, but it brings us closer to one another in a common interest.

This is What MY SON Wrote to Congress

So Congress. You ever stop and think how business effects every aspect of our lives? It’s gotten so out of hand, that even you guys are becoming rich, fat, and greedy just like all these oil execs, CEO’s, bank presidents. The list goes on, I thought democracy was supposed to represent THE PEOPLE. Not the people who throw the most money at your campaign fund? Are you going to let these businesses run everything the AMERICAN people stand up for and have fought and DIED for to save, down into the ground? OR stand up for the people and protect our rights and let us pursue happiness, live freely, and live equally. America is no longer the representation or freedom, but now corporate America.
You don’t see the crimes being committed to great people by your so called “friends” in the business world. Everyday, hard-working American people are ROBBED and ASSAULTED by these businesses. Banks robbing people of their homes because they can’t afford a minimum payment. If the banks WANTED to help people, they’d work with that person and help them find a payment that’s right for them. They’ll get their money, but the just won’t be patient. So they keep beating down on those people for money, and raising their mortgages and loans to a point where the banks KNOW that they can’t pay, and then they take everything that person has worked for. Yes congress, this does happen to THOUSANDS of people everyday.78,133 in January alone. Are you even watching the news? Paying any sort of attention to the lives we live?
Why don’t you look at the big oil execs robbing the people everyday? They are getting payed BILLIONS of dollars for something that isn’t just a necessity. Without it, our very economy would collapse. Oil is everything we need. Our dependency on oil is killing us slowly, not just depleting our Earth of life, but ruining the people who live on the Earth’s life too. How? You. Congress refuses to see the criminal acts that these oil companies are committing to the people. Sure, they employ thousands of people. But, the executives who think that they can charge 4 dollars a gallon and get away with it. Are 100% correct. They can get away with it because oil is such a necessity. BUT, have you ever heard of the Bakken Oil Formation? Enough oil to last our society for hundreds of years? 3.65 BILLION barrels of recoverable oil just sitting there. Guess where it is? Right in our own backyard, From Canada, down through Montana, cutting through North Dakota, and into South Dakota. If we tapped into this oil shale, gas prices could be down to 20 cents, if that.
Are you asking yourself why we haven’t tapped into it? I sure am. Call me ill-informed, call me an angry teenager, call me anything you want. You want to know why I think we haven’t tapped into it? Congress is lazy, Oil Companies are greedy, and these drills would be right next to your big old mansion in the hills up there wouldn’t they? The U.S. has more oil that the Middle East combined, I want to know your excuse for not mining this oil.
Congress, this is the first step in a road to revolt. I’m surprised not one group has had an organized protest to you yet. It’s happening all over the world. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Iran. It’s only a matter of time before the protests hit home.
Your greediness, is killing you. So before the American people do their job and abide to the Constitution for their Freedom of Speech, and Freedom to Petition. Take this letter seriously, and ACT. The reason we voted you in the first place is to represent us, as a people. So if you don’t act, the AMERICAN people will stand up.
Take down the greedy oil execs, don’t use OUR tax payer money to give the banks money they never needed, when their thanks to us. Is our stuff on a curb and a “FORECLOSURE” sign on our front door.

Hello world!

I wrote in a blog titled, “This is a Test..,” apparently I failed since I found it went under a comment section, and I have no idea to whom I would of commented too. I wish to practice blogging for two purposes one to work with my students, but of course know how to do it first. Second, I want to comment on my sister in law’s word press blogs as she is in the Netherlands and I am often on the edge of my seat enthralled in her new cultural experience living in the Netherlands, and my brother’s too.

Ok, now we know the purpose of my blogging and so we move on to topics of blogs…So many thoughts, so little time. When I wrote in my “comment” (first blog) I was emphatic that it was a test document and literally spoke of tests, as yes, I am a teacher. Oh, and I hate testing! Don’t get me wrong if a test is authentic assessment to guide a teacher’s instruction, or to help a student with instant feedback understand what they know, or don’t than I can see some relevance. However, I won’t again go off on the testing topic at this time, especially since I am still unsure of my ability to use this blogging due to failing the first test!

I can see some great opportunities to learn much in a global way with blogging. It so shrinks our world! With the current events of our world I think we need much dialogue among many people to help brainstorm, and even vent, our dilemmas in solving the world’s issues from topics of health care for all, economy (or lack there of), to global warming, to education of youth, to technology, population, etc…. I certainly don’t have answers to these world problems, but I have ideas and opinions and I want to learn from others too.

So I here I am ready to hit the publish button….what topic, or thing, will I learn my blog will do next?